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Deluxe multifunctional dry compound machine
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  • Deluxe multifunctional dry compound machine

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Deluxe multifunctional dry compound machine


Purpose: deluxe multifunctional dry composite machine is a multi-purpose machine, suitable for surface treatment of leather, PVC and other materials. Color modification, adhesive coating, film coating, bronzing, heat transfer printing, high - solid printing drama, film cutting, embossing, etc.

Features: deluxe multifunctional dry type composite machine is integrated with multi-function, can be used in different sections, stable performance, cold, hot pressure lines function can be converted to each other.



Type no


Hot stamping wheel

Electric heating, heat conduction oil or water heating

Embossing device

The preheating wheel is heated in combination with the heating cover, and the water-cooled silicone wheel is equipped with a strong oil pressure device and a perfect embossing effect. Embossing wheel can adopt cold pressure or hot pressure two ways.

Cooling device

The application of circulating water or freezing water device makes the cooling and finalizing effect ideal (optional).

In her work


The input power

18KW(power)+72KW(electric heat)

Effective wheel surface

1650(mm)Or as requested by the customer

The machine size

(long * wide * high):13800×2200×3200(mm)

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