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Horizontal single groove net tape bonding machine
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  • Horizontal single groove net tape bonding machine

    • 编号 : TM-004
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Horizontal single groove net tape bonding machine


Usage: used for adhesive bonding of foam, cloth, plastic leather, HS, leather, high foaming, strength glue, EVA, paperboard, non-woven cloth, etc. Specializes in foam bonding. Horizontal single groove net tape bonding machine is suitable for shoe making, hat making, lamp decoration, chest girth, gloves, handbag, ready-made clothes, car seat cushions, sports equipment, sofa cushions, carpets, toys and other industries.

Characteristics :(electric heat pipe type, electric heat plate type, gas type, heat conduction oil type, steam type can be selected) to improve the traditional spring pressure wheel. High temperature breathable mesh belt is adopted to make the product smooth and non-foaming, so as to improve product quality and competitiveness. (note: more personalized configurations can also be customized according to customer requirements).


Specification: 1500 x 1800 mm (the following parameters to Φ, for example)


Type no.


Big wheel


The horse power

5HP+2HP single, linkage

The electric power

(380 v, 50 hz) 1. Article 5 kw x 24 = 36 kw

Heating wheel system

Iron - coated fluorocarbon cloth or plating

Glue way

Precision roller coating with fine mesh

The machine size

Length * width * height: 9000 * 2400 * 2600(mm)

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