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The tablecloth fits the embossing machine
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  • The tablecloth fits the embossing machine

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The tablecloth fits the embossing machine


Purpose: tablecloth laminating machine for textile, non-woven fabric, needle cotton, foam and other materials through glue and PVC, PE composite. Apply to household goods, such as table towel cloth (tablecloth), cup mat, wallpaper, bed towel, etc.

Features: flexible scraper is used to apply table towel cloth to embossing machine. It can save glue and feel good. Large wheel heating combined with double side heating of lifting heat cover makes it more obvious to stick and dry. Oil pressure embossing device, trimming device, so that the product winding neat more added value.

Specification: (the following parameters in conventional Φ 1500 x 1800 mm, for example)


Type no


Big wheel


Electric heating power


The motor power

About 15 kw

The machine size

(long * wide * high):11500×2350×2500(mm)

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