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Spray bonding machine
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Spray bonding machine

Usage: spray adhesive laminating machine used in clothing, bra, underwear and other requirements good feel of fabric coating and laminating, or for genuine leather (pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, etc.) or plush cloth changing color processing.

Features :(can choose electric heat pipe type, electric heat plate type, gas type, heat conduction oil type, steam type) high-speed, two-way reciprocating, cross spraying, good spraying effect; The spray room adopts PLC man-machine interface automatic control with high degree of automation. It can continuously supply materials and is equipped with water curtain and air pumping system together with pneumatic storage barrel or pneumatic diaphragm pump to keep the environment clean. The untensioned and active winding is adopted to ensure the quality of the tape.

Specification: (the following parameters in Φ 1500 x 1800 mm, for example)


Type no


Spraying width

500-2000mm(or customized to customer requirements)

The electric power

(380 v, 50 hz) 1.5 kw x 24 Article = 36 kw

Number of gun


The horse power


The machine size

(length * width * height):7000×2400×2000(mm)

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